A Special Stage Just for Puppets

As part of the Research Excellent Funding Grant received through Michigan Technological University, construction is almost complete for a new puppet stage!

The stage is HUGE.  It features an overhead "bridge" from which  puppeteers can manipulate marionettes.  Several openings in the facade through which puppets may appear and which can be used in many different ways, such as shadow puppet screens.  There is a "deck" which is a surface upon which many types of puppets can interact.

The stage was designed and built by Andrew Nyberg, the Scene Shop Supervisor for Visual and Performing Arts, at Michigan Tech.  The construction materials are steel and wood.

While it is super sturdy, the stage is designed to travel with a set-up/take-down time of 2 hours, using 4 stage hands.

The facade is designed by Andrea da Vinci Braun and will be complete by August.

Here are some drawings so you can see the process.  Enjoy!

Trish's Original Sketches for REF Grant Proposal

Andrew Nyberg's Technical Drawings

Andrea da Vinci's First Rendering for the Facade

Imaginging Lower Portion of Stage with Purple Background